Home Booty Building Guide E-Book
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Home Booty Building Guide E-Book

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Build Stronger and Firmer Glutes in 8 weeks with our Home Booty Building Guide written by Courtney Kwan – Peach Bands Founder. 

Whether you want to start using Peach Bands for the first time or need a structured home workout plan using minimal equipment, this is the perfect guide for you.


Downloadable E-book (PDF)

This guide is a digital e-book that you can download for instant access after purchase. 


Required Equipment:

8 Weeks of Glute Activating Workouts

How to use Peach Bands Band Set & Core Sliders

  Glute Anatomy & Glute Activation Explained

Easy to Follow Routines & Instructions

Detailed Step-by-Step Exercise Glossary

Required Equipment (Purchased Separately):

  • Peach Bands Band Set
  • Peach Bands Core Sliders  

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